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Comfortec in Red Deer has been providing new construction HVAC installation since 1996. We specialize in single family homes and multi-family dwellings. We can provide design solutions for installation of HVAC equipment and custom ductwork.

We work closely with contractors or we can sub contract projects to ensure the HVAC systems are installed to meet guidelines for peak efficiency and all codes and regulations.

We can custom design HVAC systems for builders and have the expertise to recommend efficient, long-lasting HVAC equipment and products.

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Choose Us for HVAC

We can deliver quality heating and cooling systems with functionality, energy efficiency and contractor pricing for home builders.

  • Fair and accurate quotes
  • Experienced HVAC contractor
  • Ensure the builder’s requirements and needs are met
  • Coordinate project scheduling and meet target deadlines
  • Ductwork design and installation Quality efficient HVAC equipment and materials
  • Trained HVAC technicians adhere to codes and regulations
  • Maintenance service plan options

Authorized Installers

Comfortec Heating and Air Conditioning provides trained and certified HVAC installations. We stand behind our work and our products from leading furnace manufacturers. We adhere to all regulations and codes and we install all HVAC equipment according to manufacturers and Energy Star guidelines.

HVAC equipment

Ductwork Design and Installation

Ductwork is vital in distributing and maximizing airflow to the registers throughout a home. Leaky or incorrect duct sizes or placement can not only lower the efficiency of a furnace but it will also cause a poor distribution of warm air to the rooms in our home.

Comfortec in Red Deer can design and install space-saving ductwork for HVAC systems, ensuring proper airflow and efficiency.

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