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Comfortec in Red Deer provides boiler and heating system installations, repairs and annual maintenance for commercial businesses in Central Alberta.

We specialize in heating system designs and provide efficient boilers to reduce operating costs and can replace specific heating components or build entire heating systems.

Comfortec’s experienced, commercial HVAC technicians build systems to code specifications providing reliable, high-performance heating system solutions.

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Commercial Heating Services

Comfortec a commercial HVAC heating contractor can help your business improve your heating system with energy efficient equipment, expert installation and custom design solutions. We also provide reliable, expert repairs on boilers and commercial furnaces.

We are trained, licensed and bonded providing commercial heating services for retail and office heating, warehouse heating, and workshop heating.

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Heating system installations for new buildings or renovation projects

Services include;

  • Commercial boiler installation and repairs
  • Hot water systems
  • Heating system installation for new buildings or renovation upgrades
  • Ductwork design and installations
  • Shop heater repairs and installation
  • HVAC controllers
  • Repair and maintenance service for heating systems

Heating systems that are designed and installed correctly will ensure higher performance levels and efficient operation of equipment while lowering your energy cost.

Boiler Efficiency

Today’s gas boilers have several advantages for building owners. Over the last decade or two, boilers have not only greatly improved on efficiency but they have also become a lot smaller in size.


The benefits of a new boiler installation or retrofit create more opportunity for significant energy savings as well as opening up more available square footage for a building.

By replacing older equipment energy savings can increase by at least 15% providing substantial ROI to help pay for the equipment.


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A boiler certified as ENERGY STAR® uses 15% less energy compared to older conventional models. In Canada commercial building heating represents 45% of energy usage while water heating uses 9%. Replacing old HVAC equipment can significantly cut back on wasted or unrealized utility expenses.

ENERGY STAR® Boiler Features

  • Fan-assisted combustion technology eliminates the need for dilution air and improves the mixing of fuel, resulting in less excess air and improved efficiency
  • Motorized dampers prevent heat escaping up the chimney by automatically closing the boiler flue when the unit idles
  • Electric ignitionsM eliminate the need for the wasteful, fuel-powered pilot flames used by older boilers
  • Sealed combustion technology ensures that the air required for combustion and dilution comes from the outside, not the heated indoor space
  • Pulse combustion technology creates rapid combustion pulses inside the boiler’s combustion chamber. The result is more efficient heat transfer inside the heat exchanger

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We understand the importance of getting your building's heating issues repaired as quickly as possible.

Call Comfortec Heating and Air Conditioning for fast expert repair. We're here to help you when you need emergency commercial repair.

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Heating System Maintenance

Annual or regular maintenance is important to maintain heating efficiency particularly with older heating systems.

We provide safety checks and inspect all heating components to ensure peak efficiency which also extends the life of your HVAC equipment. Regular inspections will help minimize repair visits and allow for diagnosing small issues that can lead to system failure.

One of the most common causes for HVAC breakdown is the result dust and dirt buildup. Regular cleaning and filter changes can improve efficiency by 5% to improve reduced energy consumption.

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