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Comfortec in Red Deer provides Air Conditioner and cooling system installations, repairs and annual maintenance for commercial businesses in Central Alberta.

We specialize in cooling system designs including rooftop air conditioners and provide efficient air conditioners to reduce operating costs and we can replace specific HVAC components or build entire cooling systems.

Comfortec’s experienced, commercial HVAC technicians build systems to code specifications providing reliable, high-performance cooling and air conditioning system solutions.

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Commercial Cooling Services

Comfortec a commercial HVAC air conditioning contractor can help your business improve your cooling system with energy efficient HVAC equipment, expert installation and custom design solutions. We also provide reliable, expert repairs for commercial air conditioners.

We are trained, licensed and bonded providing commercial cooling services for retail and office or warehouse air conditioning.

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Cooling system installations for new buildings or renovation projects

Services include;

  • Commercial air conditioners installation and repairs
  • Cooling system installation for new buildings or renovation upgrades
  • Project Planning
  • Ductwork design and installations
  • Repair and maintenance service for cooling systems
  • Server Room Cooling
  • System Zoning and Controls

Cooling systems that are designed and installed correctly will ensure higher performance levels and efficient operation of equipment while lowering your energy cost.

Air Conditioner Efficiency

Energy efficient air conditioners have seen significant gains over the past decade because of government requirements along with technological design operated with building automation systems.


Most building owners who have retrofitted aging cooling systems typically realize a 10-20% increase on energy savings.

Newer cooling systems are not only designed to perform at a much higher level but they also have a longer lifespan. When comparing an air conditioner 10 years or older, replaced with a higher efficiency model, cooling costs can be substantially reduced allowing the purchase cost to be recovered long before the unit reaches its lifespan.

The most common commercial air conditioner is a rooftop HVAC unit. The Consortium of Energy Efficiency reports that of 25% or more of all rooftop air conditioners are oversized. Incorrectly sized equipment will increase energy consumption and wear and tear reducing the life cycle of the unit.

ENERGY STAR® Air Conditioners

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ENERGY STAR® certified light commercial HVAC equipment is designed to reduce energy, that is otherwise wasted, and show significant savings on utility costs. ENERGY STAR® HVAC equipment is approximately 6% more efficient than standard equipment.

As sustainable buildings continue to trend upwards many business owners understand that new regulations and rising costs in energy make it easier to justify replacing HVAC equipment by choosing higher energy efficient rated air conditioners and installing low-cost fan and ventilation controls.

Heating System Maintenance

Annual or regular maintenance is important to maintain cooling efficiency particularly with older HVAC systems.

We provide safety checks and inspect all cooling components to ensure peak efficiency which also extends the life of your HVAC equipment. Regular inspections will help minimize repair visits and allow for diagnosing small issues that can lead to system failure.

One of the most common causes for HVAC breakdown is the result dust and dirt buildup. Regular cleaning and filter changes can improve efficiency by 5% to improve reduced energy consumption.

Call for more information for maintenance and inspections (403) 309-8301.

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