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Comfortec provides reliable, experienced air conditioning repair in Red Deer and Central Alberta. Call us for expert air conditioner diagnostics which includes safety checks to repair your air conditioning quickly.

We offer straightforward pricing, before the work begins, and our work is guaranteed.

Comfortec features certified and trained repair technicians and we’ve been repairing air conditioners in Red Deer since 1996.

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Comfortec Air Conditioning Repair

Comfortec has years of experience behind our name and we work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied. When you choose Comfortec for air conditioning repair you receive;

  • Trained and certified technicians
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Guaranteed results
  • Experience repairing most air conditioner brands
  • Service vehicles stocked with essential parts
  • Cooling safety check and advice to increase your air conditioners' lifespan
  • Straightforward pricing and honest quotes
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Our AC Repairs are Guaranteed

About Air Conditioning Repairs

Signs Indicating Air Conditioning Servicing

There are some typical symptoms an air conditioner will exhibit when needing a tune-up or servicing.

  • Air conditioner is not providing any cool air
  • Reduced air flow from registers
  • Water collecting at the bottom of your AC
  • Strange or unusual noises from the unit
  • Odd smell emitting from your air conditioner
  • Increased energy usage or higher than normal utility bill
  • Squealing from a loose belt
  • Air conditioner hasn’t been serviced or inspected for more than a year or two

You may dread making a service call because your air conditioner is still providing cooling but allowing the symptoms above to persist could create bigger, more expensive issues if left unattended.

Reduce Air Conditioner Repairs

You can reduce the number of air conditioner repairs by following your air conditioner manufacturers' maintenance servicing recommendations. This includes changing the filter regularly and servicing your air conditioner annually. Because today’s cooling systems are so technologically advanced you can avoid extensive repairs and damage with early maintenance prevention.

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Air conditioning maintenance includes inspecting all components

Besides reducing air conditioning repairs you can maximize cooling efficiency, extend the life of your air conditioner and maintain the warranty. Remember: most air conditioner manufacturers state that the unit must be installed, maintained and serviced by a licensed HVAC provider to meet eligibility requirements.

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